FTP Problems (probably my firewall)

Chris racerx at makeworld.com
Sun Feb 20 15:52:57 GMT 2005

Eric F Crist wrote:
> Hello list,
> I'm trying to get FTPD working, but I think I'm not opening the correct 
> ports for it in my firewall.  I've got 20 and 21 open, and I get the 
> login prompt and such, but only after a 10 to 20 second delay.  After 
> that, everything seems to work fine, until I try to upload to the 
> incoming directory, which is disabled right now.  The error takes 
> another 10 to 20 seconds to pop up.  when I have a rule such as:
> ipfw add 1 allow log all from any to any
> Everything works as fast as it normally should.
> Thanks.

Try this:

ipfw add 1 allow log all from any to me 20,21

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