Reconfiguring my network

Gerard Samuel fbsd-questions at
Sun Feb 20 02:41:18 GMT 2005

I currently own my own domain name, and run a dns server that services
only the lan (i.e. It just forwards requests to my ISP's dns server, and 
computers on the lan).
Other services, (i.e. www/mail/cvs/etc) are port forwarded through the 
The setup is ok, but I have it in my mind, that I can *grow* the setup
beyond what it is currently (its been this way for the past
4-5 years, and Im looking to see if it can change).
Today, I've been trying to see if it was possible to get the dns 
more accessible to the internet, so that I can do away with port forwarding
(maybe not completely).
Where other dns servers can query my dns server, so
that the lan is more accessible (maybe not the right word), with
some voodoo to get around a *real* single ip, and internal virtual ip 
Is it even possible with a setup like mine (psuedo diagram below)?
If so, can you give a synopsis on what to do, and or any resources on 
the net
that can guide me?
Thanks for your time.

    LAN (Various servers & workstations)

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