Questions with configuring multiple NIC's

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Sat Feb 19 02:41:16 GMT 2005

J Ramos wrote:
> I've managed to get myself absolutely lost. I've got everything 
> recompiled, no network interfaces on startup. I can ifconfig sis0, the 
> onboard ethernet, it "works." Only problem is, I can't reach anything 
> off the local network. What am I missing? I know it's something that 
> init calls at startup that reads resolv.conf, etc..., but I have yet to 
> figure out what. I've been Googling for a while and reading man pages; 
> rc, rc.conf, resolv.conf, init, etc..., and I'm stumped. If anyone could 
> offer anything it would be much appreciated.

Probably a default route.  Try "route add default _IP_of_your_router_"
Or try running dhclient.  Does that give you a working network config?

If you want to reconfigure your machine via a menu, run /stand/sysinstall, and 
you can see what changing the network config from there does to /etc/rc.conf.


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