Questions with configuring multiple NIC's

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Sat Feb 19 02:26:40 GMT 2005

Hello again,

I've managed to get myself absolutely lost. I've got everything recompiled, 
no network interfaces on startup. I can ifconfig sis0, the onboard ethernet, 
it "works." Only problem is, I can't reach anything off the local network. 
What am I missing? I know it's something that init calls at startup that 
reads resolv.conf, etc..., but I have yet to figure out what. I've been 
Googling for a while and reading man pages; rc, rc.conf, resolv.conf, init, 
etc..., and I'm stumped. If anyone could offer anything it would be much 


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> Hello,
> I'm currently running 5.3 on a HP Pavillion ze4420us laptop. Pretty much 
> everything that I would
> like to get working works, with the exception of my NIC's. The onboard 
> National Semiconductor DP83815/16 works fine by itself with the sis 
> driver. I have 2 pcmcia wireless ethernet cards, that
> "work." Linksys WPC11 v4 wireless B card is recognized via XP drivers and 
> ndis, as is the
> Netgear WG511, also through XP drivers and ndis. I'm having a tough time 
> getting the wireless
> cards configured correctly with ifconfig. I believe that the problem is 
> with the netmasks. Seems
> like I read somewhere that 2 NIC's on the same machine connected to the 
> same network may
> not share the same netmask. One should be and the other 
> should be
> sis driver support is built in to the kernel, GENERIC 
> kernel from install, which
> I will probably have to rebuild shortly. Not being able to kldunload the 
> si and if_sis modules
> keeps sis0 constantly in ifconfig. If I unplug the cable and try to run 
> only a wireless card, it doesn't
> seem to work correctly. ifconfig'ing ndis0 to a good ip and 
> netmask says the
> network is down when trying to ping the router. Using the 
> netmask with ndis0,
> pinging the router  leads to "ping: sendto: Host is down." However, the 
> interesting thing is that
> I get a message from arp, "io kernel: arp: is on sis0 but got 
> reply from
> 00:09:5b:dd:c4:f8 ( the router mac address) on ndis0." Although sis0 is 
> not on the network, my
> machine is acting like it since sis0 can be disabled, but the modules 
> can't be unloaded. Here's my
> point...
> Would I be better off rebuilding a kernel with sis driver support not 
> built in, but instead loading
> the modules and ifconfig'ing only the interface I need at that point in 
> time, and if I need to change,
> just unload the modules I don't need, and load the ones I do, then 
> ifconfig the new active
> interface?
> There may be a more elegant solution, and I'd be happy to hear them, or 
> any links or man pages
> that I probably overlooked.
> Thanks much,
> Josh
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