5.3 Buildworld on Via C3 fails

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Fri Feb 18 22:13:05 GMT 2005

On Fri, Feb 18, 2005 at 01:08:11PM -0800, ctodd at chrismiller.com wrote:
> > I've just compiled RELENG_5 yesterday evening on a VIA C3 Samuel 2
> > (EPIA 5000 Eden) without any problems. Perhaps you've cvsup(ed) at
> > the wrong time?
> Well I am pulling from a local mirror, but it updates nightly.
> > What do you have in /etc/make.conf?
> Just the CVS stuff. Keep in mind I'm pulling RELENG_5_3, not RELENG_5, so
> I would think timing would be less of an issue.

I didn't try with RELENG_5_3, only with RELENG_5. Just a data point here:
I've installed 5.3-RELEASE too, cvsupped and recompiled everything, all
on the same VIA C3 processor. Done a few buildworld/... iterations since,
and no problem here so far. I can't reproduce or confirm this bug here.

Anyway, the CMOV issue would only come up with code compiled for
i686 (perhaps also i586), due to gcc's breakage (that's why most
Linux distros won't boot or run on a C3 without recompile, but
5.3-RELEASE would). If something went wrong because of this, you'd
notice this at a very early (booting) stage. It's highly unlikely
that gcc, as, or ld binaries are the only one to *use* such an
instruction; esp. when compiled for i386 anyway.

It seems like a safe assumption that 5.3-RELEASE was compiled for
i386, because I was able to use it without any problems on the C3,
including make buildworld/buildkernel/... If you did a buildworld/
installworld with some special flags in the past, that userland may
include CMOVs. That's why I'm asking about /etc/make.conf.


> Chris


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