5.3 Buildworld on Via C3 fails

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Fri Feb 18 18:15:52 GMT 2005

On Fri, Feb 18, 2005 at 09:39:43AM -0800, ctodd at chrismiller.com wrote:
> I just upgraded one of my Via systems (fresh install) to 5.3-R. I cvsup'd
> the src (RELENG_5_3) and attempted a build world, but it consistently
> fails when building libbfd. Given that it's a compiler error I thought it
> may have something to do with the C3 processor. I know there's a conflict
> with GCC and i686 processors that don't support CMOV, but I don't know if
> it's related. I have not rebuilt the kernel yet, fyi. Thoughts?

I've just compiled RELENG_5 yesterday evening on a VIA C3 Samuel 2
(EPIA 5000 Eden) without any problems. Perhaps you've cvsup(ed) at
the wrong time?

What do you have in /etc/make.conf?

> /usr/src/gnu/usr.bin/binutils/libbfd/../../../../contrib/binutils/bfd/elflink.c
> /usr/src/gnu/usr.bin/binutils/libbfd/../../../../contrib/binutils/bfd/elflink.c:
> In function `elf_link_output_extsym':
> /usr/src/gnu/usr.bin/binutils/libbfd/../../../../contrib/binutils/bfd/elflink.c:6073:
> internal compiler error: Segmentation fault
> Please submit a full bug report,
> with preprocessed source if appropriate.


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