Installing a vulnerable port

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Fri Feb 18 17:45:28 GMT 2005

Hi Richard,

Friday, February 18, 2005, 8:49:19 AM, you wrote these comments:

> Hi all,

> I am new to FreeBSD and the ports collection and have hit probably a
> trivial problem which I hope someone can help with.

> I'm trying to set up a print & file server. I have installed 5.3-RELEASE
> and successfully compiled a new kernel with lots of stuff removed that I
> know I don't need. Everything seems to be working fine to this point.

> What I am now doing is trying to install APSFILTER from the ports 
> collection. I have installed and run CVSup, and portaudit. When I try to
> build APSFILTER it goes well until it gets to the point where it needs
> Samba (smbclient). It seems there is a known vulnerability and so 
> refuses to build it telling me to update my ports tree. I know the tree
> is up to date, so I assume there is no fix for this particular problem
> yet. How can I force the build to ignore this problem for now?

> Thanks
> R


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