upgrading to a specified version?

Simon Barner barner at gmx.de
Fri Feb 18 13:46:35 GMT 2005

windlamf wrote:
> Thanks!
> If I specify the parameter of "tag" as RELENG_4, then does cvsup
> only fetch the latest source code of my current system version?

Well, RELENG_4 a.k.a. FreeBSD 4-stable is FreeBSD 4.11 (the latest
release) + security fixes + bug fixes or small backports from the
-current branch, although this is not very likely for FreeBSD 4 anymore.

RELENG_4_11 on the other and the security branch of FreeBSD 4.11 +
security fixes.

If you want to run FreeBSD 4 on your machine, I'd recommend any of the
two above branches (since FreeBSD 5 is the new stable branch, RELENG_4 and
RELENG_4_11 won't differ a lot).

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