Who creates /tmp/.X11-unix directory?

Dick Hoogendijk dick at nagual.st
Fri Feb 18 10:44:15 GMT 2005

On 18 Feb Anthony Atkielski wrote:
> Dick Hoogendijk writes:
> > No. The 'new' /etc/rc script does that. Kde problems after cleaning
> > out /tmp are solved now too. You can freely enable
> > "clear_tmp_enable="YES" in /etc/rc.conf again.
> It does indeed reappear at startup, although clear_tmp_enable="YES"
> does not appear to eliminate it.  But at least I know that it's normal
> now.

Sure it gets eliminated. But hey, it gets recreated right after, is it
not. So how could you check it's not there ? ;-)

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