NFS hangs on 5.3-RELEASE-p5

Simonas Kareiva simonas.kareiva at
Fri Feb 18 08:37:55 GMT 2005

I've already solved this issue by rebuilding a 5.3 stable, almost
GENERIC kernel ( and by removing any
custom sysctl's from loader.conf, the system is running for two days
and it seems quite stable. The old kernel is still at
/boot/kernel.old/, I will try to debug it as soon as I will get
console access to the box. It also seems, that some sysctl tunings,
that I haven't mentioned, were critical:


These were somehow tuned for PostgreSQL, but some of them perhaps were
quite crazy values and they are now set to their defaults. If the
problem persists with current (or even totally default) system
settings, I'll send you the output of the nfsd stack trace. Thanks.

 Simonas Kareiva

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