Configuring Syscons

klowd9 - klowd92 at
Fri Feb 18 06:52:01 GMT 2005

Question is:
When the system boots its reaches a point that says 'Configuring syscons: 
And takes over a few minutes to finish i dont know why.
I press ctrl+t i get this:
'load: 0.43  cmd: sendmail 399 [kqread] 0.00u 0.00s 0% 1944k'
the load 0.43 changes at the very start to high numbers 0.9X and slowly 
drops until it reaches 0.00.
the 399 i think also changes between 397, 399, 401 and some others..
all the rest of the parameters stay the same.
why is this load on that part only so slow?
can i fix it?

Additional info:
I just installed FreeBsd from the bootonly.iso
Installed properly. with a dhclient auto loading for my cable modem.
And a hostname (eg
but this is not my domain. so i dont know what i should put as a host.

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