nss_ldap, pam_krb5 and passwd.

Lewis Thompson lewiz at fajita.org
Thu Feb 17 23:18:06 GMT 2005


I have user accounts in LDAP and authentication is done via pam_krb5.
nss_ldap is installed and configured in terms of /etc/nssswitch.conf.

However, when I run passwd I receive the following message:

passwd: Sorry, `passwd' can only change passwords for local or NIS users.

Judging by pam_krb5(8) this module supports the changing of passwords
and it is just passwd that is refusing to change a non-local (i.e. not
in /etc/passwd) password.

passwd: files ldap

So, here's the question:  can I work around this?  Is there any way to
make passwd change passwords for user accounts stored in LDAP?  Maybe
this will require some hacking of passwd.c?

Thanks very much,

-Lewis Thompson.

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