machine goes deaf to network connections - please help

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Thu Feb 17 20:01:49 GMT 2005

MacConnect Home Office wrote:
> I have a strange problem on my hands.  I have a mail server running 
> qmail and vpopmail, and FreeBSD 4.2.  The machine does decent volume.  
> Periodically the machine will just go deaf to network connections for 15 
> - 20 minutes at a time.  When this happens, both the link light on the 
> machine and the link light on the switch go amber.  I've tried to 
> troubleshoot this from every angle.  I've checked the settings on the 
> switch (they're fine).  In fact, when this problem happens, the switch 
> isn't reporting any errors on the port.  I've swapped ethernet cables, 
> put the machine on another switch, and swapped ethernet cards, all to no 
> avail.

I don't suppose the system is going into power-saving made, by any chance? 
BTW, if you do indeed have 4.2, you are a few years out of date and ought to 
upgrade to 4.11.


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