Grainy X Windows and KDE.

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> Dear FreeBSD experts.  Your help with this would be greatly appreciated. I 
> spent a week now trying to setup FreeBSD on my Dell Dimension 8200 Desktop.  
> Most of the time was spent setting up Xorg to work.  I have Nvidia video 
> card GeForce MX4400 with 32 MB or RAM.  I had to rebuild kernel to make 
> Nvidia driver work.  I am able to run in 1024x768 mode but picture is really 
> grainy.  I specified depth at 24 and also tried 32.  I have a 15" Flat Panel 
> monitor.  If anyone had any luck or has some pointers on what I have to do 
> to resolve grainy colors problem please let me know what I need to do.  

I'm not sure what you mean when you say "grainy," but I do know that
with flat panel monitors you get the crispest display when you run X at
the native resolution of the flat panel monitor.  If you run it at some
other (lower) resolution, the results can be somewhat blurry, IMHO, as
the lower resolution is being mapped onto the higher native resolution
(and sometimes at a different aspect ratio).

So, a fix would be to determine the native resolution of your flat panel
display and to use that (adjusting font sizes, etc. as needed).  In my
case, I was running a Sony 19" CRT monitor at 1152x864 and replaced the
Sony with a flat panel display.  The picture looked a bit fuzzy until I
switched to using the native 1280x1024 resolution of the flat panel, at
which point the picture quality improved dramatically.


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