upgrading to a specified version?

Roberto Nunnari roberto.nunnari at supsi.ch
Thu Feb 17 17:17:10 GMT 2005

windlamf wrote:
> Hi all ! 
> The version of my current system is 4.7, and I want to upgrade the system to 4.11.From the description of "UPDATING" in /usr/src, I know that I have alternatives among severval stable versions. But how can I specify the right version which I want the system upgraded to?
> If I want my fb upgraded to 4.10, what can I do?

put this to your supfile:
*default tag=RELENG_4_10

then run
# cvsup supfile

> As far as I know, the handbook does not mention things like this. So I turn to you guys for help.
> Thanks
> Andy
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