Please don't change Beastie to another logo such asNetBSD!!!

Jordan Michaels jordan at
Thu Feb 17 06:57:47 PST 2005

>>> Only my personal experience.  In addition to not being
>>> comfortable with
>>> the BSD logo, a couple of the programmers here didn't like my
>>> Ouija-board mouse pad, because they associated it with the occult, and
>>> thus The Devil.
>> Man, you must have a hell of a lot of fun with these people.  What
>> do they do when you start citing biblical verses that blow the
>> crap out of their preconceptions?
>> Ted
> I learned years ago that it is a waste of time.  They just say it 
> doesn't apply because <pick a reason>.
> And I thought the Ouija-board mouse pad was one of the funniest things 
> I've ever seen.
> - Bob

As an aside to this, I for one know plenty of good, decent, "religious" 
people who are quite content to live their lives according to their own 
beliefs without insisting on forcing those beliefs on others. Of course, 
if you ask them, they'll talk about it with you, but they will not 
insist that you live your life a certain way simply because they are 
present. Just because your own experience includes interaction with a 
few overbearing religious people, please do not be so quick to judge 
what is, for the most part, a peace-loving community. Unfortunately it's 
usually the loud, overbearing, fire and brimstone kind of people who get 
all the religious publicity and misrepresent what most of the religious 
community stands for.

- Jordan

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