NIS login - argh!

Tom Huppi thuppi at
Thu Feb 17 13:35:47 GMT 2005

I've never had much trouble getting NIS to work before.  Can
anyone make any debugging suggestions? ...

My machine: 5.3-STABLE (makeworld update from 5.1 orig circa early
Jan 05.)

NIS actually seems to be working fine...

gila# ypcat -k passwd | grep tomh
tomh tomh:$1$hZ...UK/:1012:500:Tom Huppi:/home/tomh:/bin/tcsh


 - /etc/shells exists and has /bin/tcsh
 - /bin/tcsh exists
 - no other 'tomh' user or 1012 uid in local passwd file
 - home dir automounts fine when I cd to it.

I've tried various things with /etc/nsswitch.conf, and the latest

 group: compat
 group_compat: nis
 passwd: compat
 passwd_compat: nis

while I adjust my passwd file with 'vipw' making the last line:
which generates an /etc/password tail of:
(I've tried this w/ and w/o the '*')
with /etc/groups similar.

I also tried
  passwd: files nis
with and without the trailing +::... to no avail.

Always I get a 'login incorrect' message and nothing of any real
interest in the /var/log/messages.  Is there somewhere else to
look for debug?  I tried fooling with /etc/pam.d/passwd (to turn
on debugging) but it had no effect which I could see.  I'm really
not sure if I'm even using pam or what?

It is interesting to note that I can generate another hash for
another user locally with the same password and I get a different
hash (which also starts out $1$ meaning MD5 I guess.)  In fact, I
never get the same hash even when I use the same password it

The NIS server is a FreeBSD box, but I don't have access to see
what exactly (though I know it to be 5.x)  It serves many
Fedora-II boxes just fine, and they have 'files nis' in their

I've also tried adding an entry in my local passwd file which is
identical to what is served out with no joy.

I'm at my wits end here.  I've x-checked all of the problems I
could find referenced in google searches.  I see some references
about a 'gradual migration' to pam (specifically in the
/etc/auth.conf file), but I don't know what stage that is in, and
what it entails.  If any one has any tips, ideas, or suggestions,
I'd love to hear them.


 - Tom

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