ipsec, pptp or something else.

Cristian Salan cristian.salan at gmail.com
Thu Feb 17 09:06:28 GMT 2005


The current setup include two locations -  main office and a remote location.
The main office have the internet connection (optical fibre). The
remote location is connected to the main office using a vpn (main
office - FreeBSD with IPsec and racoon; remote location Linksys router
BEFVP41, connected to a radio modem). So far, so good.
The contract is with a small provider, actually just a dealer of a
bigger one. Until now the big one has managed the bandwith, but this
has to be changed.
The dealer is using pptp to manage the clients sitting on the optical
fibre of the actual provider, but none of them have the need of  vpn
to remote locations.
Any suggestions?

Cristian Salan

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