Managing bad sectors during install

Pásztor Richárd ricsip at
Wed Feb 16 17:57:32 GMT 2005

I have 2 small problems about installing FreeBSD.
1) My HDD is a 8,4 Gb quantum, which has 1 bad sector laying on it 
somewhere. I created ntfs partition
on it, and format detected that sector, and marked as bad so there was no 
problem of data loss because writing
to that sector. Now, if i fdisk the whole HDD to a freebsd slice, and 
divide it to partitions i get an error during
filesystem creation, that a bad sector was detected. The system panics, and 
reboots after 15 sec.
My question: why isnt the UFS able to mark this/these sectors as bad, and 
simply not to use them?
Throwing panic for one single bad sector is not an elegant way.

2) My other smaller question: If i enabled SoftUpdates at install-time for "/"
but changed my mind, how can i turn it off ? I cant unmount "/" to change it,
because its always busy (the other partitions can be unmounted easily in 
single user)

I think these are basic problems, and should be (especially turning OFF 
softupdate on "/") mentioned in handbook also.

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