Quota Questions 5.3 Release

Jon Adams jonaadam at nsu.nova.edu
Tue Feb 15 22:28:41 GMT 2005

Benjamin Dover wrote:

>Take a look at this section of the handbook
Yes, I've read this and am aware of the process of recompiling the 
kernel to implement quotas (done it before). 
What I am looking for is an alternative to recompiling the kernel due to 
the cripppled box I have.

>Its not left out its just not an standard option.  Compiling a kernel
>is not a difficult task.  It sounds more difficult than it really is.
I agree...  I have FreeBSD 5.3 and a 5.1 box I have lazily not yet 
updated on a pair of poweredges in my apt,
I rebuilt the 5.3 kernel a couple of time when I was experimenting with 
trying to install Oracle 8i on it (before giving up in frustration due 
to the Oracle make files exiting emulation)

Thanks for the tip on sysinstall... D'oh

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