Quota Questions 5.3 Release

Jacob S stormspotter at 6Texans.net
Tue Feb 15 22:21:55 GMT 2005

On Tue, 15 Feb 2005 16:57:20 -0500
Jon Adams <jonaadam at nsu.nova.edu> wrote:

> 2. Is there a trivial way to get the kernel sources and ports tree
> (and more importantly, how safe (in terms of the box coming back) is
> it to recompile the kernel if I can get the sources) - they pretty
> much killed about 50% of my reason for getting FBSD by leaving out the
> ports WTF??.

"/stand/sysinstall" is your friend. I just got done doing the same thing
on three remote 1U Dell machines without any problems. The first time I
recompiled the kernel was to get smp support for the Xeon with
hyperthreading and the second time was to enable quota support.

Here are the two urls that helped me with ports and compiling the
kernel. As long as you are careful to follow the instructions for
compiling the kernel, you should not have any problems.


Sorry I don't have the answers to any of your other questions.


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