login error:cannot not find root directory

perikillo perikillo at gmail.com
Tue Feb 15 17:10:08 GMT 2005

  Hi all.
      Look i was hardering my freebsd box 4.10 p5, but i made one mistake:
                            "I didnt test my system before i reboot"

  I was reading some docs about "security", i use chflags on:

  mistake# chflags schg /bin/*
  mistake# chflags schg /sbin/*

  Them apply some chmod on /root files:

   mistake# chmod 0600 /root/.*  (i think :-?)

  I was trying to make my root directory only visible by root user.
But dont remenber wich mod i apply. I made more changes but dont
remember all.

    The result was that went i try to access my box like normal user
(wheel group), the systema say:
                          "error: cannot find root directory"

   Them i boot single-user, i input my password:
                                 "init: single-user failed"

    Here i could not access my system, my God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Ok, them get my 3 floppys, kern, mfs, and fixit .flp. I mount / to
access  my system:

   -delete the schg label on /bin and /sbin
    mistake#chflags noschg /bin/*
    mistake#chflags noschg /sbin/*

     On the root directory, i change my .files attr:

mistake# chmod 0644 /root/.*

    I change my ttys, to let root access the system: from insecure -> secure.

    I was checking other system with the same version 4.10 p5, and let
the files attributes on /root and / with the same attributes.

     I dont touch the /kernel file, after this change root could
access the system, but the other users dont have access:

                                "error: cannot find root directory".

     This is my situation right now, could some one give some clues to
resolve this problem,  i dont want to install again the S.O, this
machine i working very well.

   I will apreciate any  clue. Thanks all for your time.

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