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Vonleigh Simmons nospam at
Tue Feb 15 13:20:13 GMT 2005

> MSIE has traditionally followed HTML standards more closely than almost
> any other browser.  Firefox does pretty well, tough; Opera much less 
> so.

	You are _definitely_ not a web designer. MSIE is _hell_ with standards 
compliance. Mozilla is the best, followed by Opera, KHTML/Safari is 
also up there; MSIE is the _worst_ and has several glaring errors when 
it comes to supporting standards.

	It botches:
* The box model.
* Transparent PNGs.
* Position: Fixed.

> Webmasters should probably be replaced if they design an open Web site
> for any _specific_ browser.  Internal web sites are a different story.

	In an ideal world. But in the real world you have to build your site 
using standards compliance, then do tricks to make it work in explorer. 
Don't believe? look through my website code. Or even look at the 
variety of projects and tutorials dedicated to getting around the flaws 
in explorer. An example:


Vonleigh Simmons

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