All your laptops are belong to Windows.

Davide Lemma davide at
Tue Feb 15 12:41:03 GMT 2005

I'm in a situation similar to you... I've just purchased a Medion SIM2000, 
it boots up but I've also some troubles with sound & modem.
Here the strange problem is that the sound card is a AC97 ALS (SiS7012) and 
it just outputs from headphone and the modem is a SiS7013 (Intel Winmodem) 
that isn't  in the ports tree (while there is the LT winmodem).
For the Video Card with some trick I was able to get a full 16:9 resolution 
like in windows but without DRI (this is an Xorg problem).
Above all I'm almost surprised because I know the difficulty to work with a 
laptop & unix.
I've tried Fedora Core 3 & Debian III but it gives me an error during boot 
(acpi error).
So like a BSD users I feel above all lucky enough.
The only suggestion I feel to give you is to wait the awake of 6.0 because 
it will have many changes in ACPI calls. I'm waiting too to have some tricks 
about my sound card :)

bye Davide

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> I'm defeated.  The FreeBSD install gives no hints as to why it turns off 
> my laptop.
> When I try to install FreeBSD, my brand new I'm blue.HP Pavilion laptop 
> turns itself off.  It does not matter if I use 4.x or 5.x, CD or floppies. 
> There is no error log since it just shuts off after I choose to load a 
> kernel.  I have tried loading with ACPI off, and it does not help.  I 
> believe I tried all the kernel options available from the menu on 5.x.
> The computer is a HP Pavilion zv5445us, with 512MB RAM, P4-3Ghz, 100GB HD, 
> 15.4" Hi-Def Screen, 54G 802.11b WLAN.  I purchased it from Best Buy.
> Under Windows, it appears Hyper-Threading is turned on, and I have not 
> found a way to turn it off inside the CMOS.
> The machine runs Windows XP Pro fine, but I am trying to switch to FreeBSD 
> on all my boxen.  I was really surprised to find this one abruptly 
> shutdown when trying to do the install.  It turns off before the install 
> really starts, so I do not have much information to solve this problem. 
> The HD is never touched.
> I'm blue.
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