All your laptops are belong to Windows.

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Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:

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>>I'm defeated.  The FreeBSD install gives no hints as to why it
>>turns off
>>my laptop.
>>When I try to install FreeBSD, my brand new I'm blue.HP
>>Pavilion laptop
>>turns itself off.  It does not matter if I use 4.x or 5.x, CD or
>>floppies.  There is no error log since it just shuts off after
>>I choose
>>to load a kernel.  I have tried loading with ACPI off, and it does not
>>help.  I believe I tried all the kernel options available from
>>the menu
>>on 5.x.
>After reading that 4.X is killing it, my guess is that what's going on
>is that one of the device drivers compiled into the kernel that is
>for a piece of hardware that is NOT on your laptop is issuing a probe
>that is hitting a port that HP decided to use for something.
>If you really wanted to, and you have a system already running 5.X,
>it is possible to compile a custom kernel that has all device drivers
>stripped out of it, then put this kernel onto the first install floppy
>and do a floppy install of FreeBSD.  Then make sure a copy of that kernel
>exists on the system when you reboot.
>This is a long and complicated procedure, unfortunately, 

If the laptop can do PXE-boot, it may be easier to build that 
custom-kernel for a PXE-install...

Search for FreeBSD PXE install on Google.

But I agree that it might be a better idea to get another laptop. I 
didn't have much problems with the FSC E8010, but it's not the cheapest 
and the power-management left something to be desired, I will retry it, 
though in the next weeks or months. Also, as the support for vmware4 on 
FreeBSD matures, it might also kill the only other reason for Linux on 
that thing ;-)

If you want to keep a HP, try a NX 7010 and see if that works better. 
The "Pavillion"-series is really the low-end of the spectrum.


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