NAT with SIP-Spoofing

Zaleo Zeo at
Tue Feb 15 09:37:31 GMT 2005

Dear all,

Somehow I can't set-up my NAT router after changing the connection settings.
It was working before, I changed the ppp connection to a SIP-Spoofing 
connection (In my ADSL router and FreeBSD Box).
I have a local connection on my FreeBSD box.

My ro0 interface is configured with my public IP.

I started nat;
/sbin/natd -v yes -interface rl0
There is no real output from this process.

I have routed all traffic:
/sbin/ipfw add divert natd all from any to any via rl0

I used these instructions to get my FreeBSD Box connected to the Internet 
with SIP-Spoofing: (Dutch)

NAT was working correctly when I used the "nat enabled" option in my ppp 

The DNS lookup is correctly done on all workstation (With my own DNS 
server, forwarding from ISP).
All workstations are using my FreeBSD box as default gateway (DHCP).

Is there a conflict between SIP-Spoofing and NATd?
If any more information is required please feel free to contact me.

Thanks in advance,
Zeo Smeijsters

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