Freebsd vs. linux

Anthony Atkielski atkielski.anthony at
Tue Feb 15 00:43:39 GMT 2005

Eric Kjeldergaard writes:

> Well, no that's not entirely true...First off, there's the claim by
> Windows itself that it's not drivers.

The OS itself never identifies problems as being within the drivers.
Driver code is assimilated with the kernel while it is running.

> You've read the code (as you say) and know that Windows wouldn't
> possibly lie about the fact that it's not the drivers.

Sure it would.  Most error messages are generic; few programmers are
conscientious enough to put in extremely detailed and specific error
messages.  And in some cases the OS doesn't really know what happened,
especially for faults in the kernel (or the drivers, which are
assimilated with the kernel, as I've said).

> And then there's the thing where since one is including drivers along
> with an operating system, they are part of the operating system even
> if they were written by a third party.

They are not part of the operating system.


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