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Jordan Michaels jordan at
Mon Feb 14 18:17:14 GMT 2005

Gerard Samuel wrote:

> Jordan Michaels wrote:
>> Gerard Samuel wrote:
>>> A bit off topic, but I figure someone in here, may be able to point
>>> me in the right direction.
>>> !#/path/to/php
>>> Im wondering, if its possible for the /path/to/php can be made dynamic.
>>> i.e.  Have the file still look as if it is a shell script, but
>>> the path to the executable is determined at run time,
>>> to make it more portable.
>>> Thanks
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>> Have you tried it?
>> # /path/to/php
>> #! $1
>> echo "This is a test"
>> ... or something to that effect. 
> You've misunderstood, what I'm asking, or Im not understanding your 
> example.
> In your example, the path to php, is still hardcoded.
> What Im ulitimately trying to achieve, is a script,
> that can determine the path to php, where ever it may be...
> Thanks
Ah, yeah, my example was just a way to pass the path on to the script - 
not determine the path automatically. If you want to determine the path 
automatically, the only way I can see that you could do that would be to 
run two separate scripts (including the method I used above.)

Something like this:
$DYNAMICPATH = find / -name php | grep php $DYNAMICPATH

The idea being that the file would find the path to php 
on that system, then pass that path on to the script that will be 
executing the php commands.

Now... don't get me wrong. I'm not an expert script writer or anything. 
I haven't tested these scripts. However, the logic behind them is still 
valid, and should work if properly executed. (with the correct shell 
commands, etc)


Warm regards,
Jordan Michaels
Vivio Technologies
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