Newbie: BIND conf "file not found" error

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Mon Feb 14 16:41:32 GMT 2005

aklist_061666 wrote:
> Hi Lowell: From the command line it runs fine.
> So, are you suggesting that the process doesn't have permissions to open 
> the file? If so, wouldn't I see a permissions error message instead of 
> file-not-found?
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>> "aklist_061666" <aklist_061666 at> writes:
>>> One last question on configuring Named to run:
>>> I'm able to start BIND from the command line with:
>>> /usr/sbin/named -c /etc/named.conf
>>> but when I modify my rc.conf file with:
>>> named_enable="YES"
>>> named_program="/usr/sbin/named"
>>> named_flags="-u bind -c /etc/named.conf"
>>> I get an error on startup:
>>> Feb 11 14:47:53 ns2 named[275]: none:0 open: /etc/named.conf: file 
>>> not found
>>> Feb 11 14:47:53 ns2 named[275]: loading configruation: file not found
>>> Feb 11 14:47:53 ns2 named[275]: exiting (due to fatal error)
>>> what's wrong with my config-file path parameter in rc.conf?
>> Permisssions?  Try running it from the command line the same way you
>> do from the startup scripts. 

I think your problem is related to the fact that when you run named 
in a sandbox, the path to /etc/named.conf becomes relative to the 
sandbox. So when named flags indicate /etc/named.conf, that file 
must actually reside at /your/chroot/path/etc/named.conf.

(keep in mind that this advice is from dim memory of having this 
problem over a year ago, and it could be I'm just wrong, but I'm 
relatively sure about sandboxing having this problem ;-)

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