ATI 9000 IGP

Cristian Teodorescu teodorescu at
Mon Feb 14 15:00:32 GMT 2005


I have a Acer Travelmate 2000 with ATI 9000 IGP graphic card due to
this all devices from computer are seen as produced by ATI inclusive
soud card that is a Realtek ALS650 AC'97.

Currently I am using Freebsd 5.2.1, everything works except for sound.
I think all it need to be modified is some PCI id in the sound
subsystem but I did not managed to find where realtek driver is. The
card id for sound id 0x41431002 as reported by pciconf -lv. Can
anybody tell me where i can find the realtek driver in order to fix

Any help will be aprecieted. 

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