Question about setup virtual server

Kangaroo saigon_ca at
Mon Feb 14 02:04:08 GMT 2005

Question about setup virtual server..
X4 zoom ADSL modem&router
WANIP from X4:
this zoom ADSL modem connnect to D-LINK broadband router
WAN PORT of D-LINK connect to WANPORT of ZOOM X4
   D-LINK has enable virtual severs to allow port 21..
    from IP

>From ZOOM setup virtual server?
Is it correct to setup like this
allow port pubport 21 private port 21 -- addr.

Testing the virtual server
entering this addr, lead me to zoom admin config setup..
while I WANT to see ftp page is up...( since it set
anonymous ftp .... )

WHat is missing? 
how to run test correctly?


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