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Dick Davies rasputnik at
Sun Feb 13 23:22:59 GMT 2005

* Colin J. Raven <colin at> [0205 15:05]:

> Some tangential observations:
> 1. Unless you *must* use telnet for some reason, it's a good idea to 
> turn it off.

This is a telnet client, how would you 'turn that off'.

This is a very common way to test if a socket is listening, and there are
no security issues with connecting to a socket on your own machine anyway.

> 2. Please tell us that - in the example above - you weren't telnet'ing 
> as root? I see it was to locahost...but even so that's not a great 
> practice.

This makes no sense at all.
Can we all stop knee-jerking at the word telnet?

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