ping -f differences in pinging windows 2003 and FreeBSD

Gelsema, Patrick gelsema at
Sun Feb 13 21:45:33 GMT 2005


I've got the following kit running; FreeBsd 5.3Release-p5,
4.10-RELEASE-p2, Windows XP SP2, Syslinux and Windows 2003 SP1.

They all are connected to a 3com 100mbit Hub. All machines 100Mbit

When I execute the ping -f command from 5.3 to 4.10 I am getting a ~18%
packetloss, the same when I execute the command from 4.10 to 5.3.

However when I ping -f the Windows 2003 server, the Syslinux Firewall or
Windows XP I am lucky if at least 10 packets are dropped.

In both FreeBSD boxes Intel Nics are used (fxp).

Why does the other OS-es seem to handle this better than FreeBSD?
Is there something I could change to improve (if I should) the
networkhandling? Or am I now only chasing ghosts? When I am running a ftp
filetransfer between the 2 FreeBSD boxes I get speeds up until 7.25MB/s,
which is a good throughput in my humble opinion.

Thanks and regards,

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