Updated perl - broke stuff

Ean Kingston ean at hedron.org
Sun Feb 13 21:42:43 GMT 2005

On February 13, 2005 04:37 pm, Paul Schmehl wrote:
> I maintain a small hobby website on a volunteer basis.  (I do all the
> technical stuff - server maintenance, etc.)  I ran portupgrade today, and
> there was an update to perl.  (I'm using the ports perl.)  It broke the
> webserver.  I had to deinstall and reinstall www/p5-libwww, www/mod_perl
> and www/apache13-modssl to get it working again.
> When I first tried to install p5-libwww and mod_perl, both of them failed
> because they couldn't find perl-5.8.5.  I ran use.perl port and then they
> both built fine and installed.
> Running pkg_info -R perl-5.8.6_2 seems to indicate that everything else had
> its dependencies updated.  Is there something missing in those two ports?
> The rest seemed to get their dependencies updated just fine during the
> build of perl.

I stopped using portupgrade because it only upgrades ports that are out-of 
date. It then modifies the installed software database to change any 
dependencies that relied on the old port to show them as relying on the new 

For most ports, this works. For Perl, particularly mod_perl, this doesn't 
work. If you install a new perl you have to rebuild everything that depends 
on perl even if it hasn't been updated.

So I stopped using portupgrade.

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