Concealing short disconnects

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Sun Feb 13 20:14:39 GMT 2005

it was said:

>Hello guys!
>I have a few machines behind my FreeBSD box. The box connects
>to ISP via ppp (PPPoE protocol). It's all working very nicely,
>but the ISP is a pain - it disconnects every 24 hours. I can
>reconnect in just a moment - so the diconnect is usually less
>than a second long, but many applications, like ICQ/MSN and
>games "feel" the disconnect. The matter is that these applications
>can handle fairly large packet loss (e.g. Counter-Strike can cope
>with at least 15-second long 100% packet loss), but AFAIK it's
>in the nature of the TCP/UDP that a disconnect is a disconnect.
>As I know that FreeBSD is full of magic, is there any way to
>conceal these reconnects as short moments of 100% packet loss?
>I am ashamed to know very little about protocols' technicalities,
>but I'll look into any sources you advise.
>Best wishes,
>Andrew P.


This is an interesting question. It could be done, but it would take
some real work to do it, I think. Essentially, you would need a box
that acts as a cache hold a few seconds of network traffic that would
also properly respond properly to local and remote requests. Also, to
ensure that multiple outages don't empty the cache, a mechanism is
needed to answer local requests slightly slower than remote requests.
This would cause the "cache" to be ever increasing. To prevent the
"cache" from causing too much lag (from the remote end's point of view)
periodically the mechanism would have to reverse direction, so to
speak. And so on....
Of course, I could be totally wrong about this. Hopefully, somebody
will correct me if I am.



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