Instead of, why not...

Anthony Atkielski atkielski.anthony at
Sun Feb 13 08:00:21 GMT 2005

Chad Leigh -- Shire.Net LLC writes:

> I can't think of any time that MS is the best choice, except in perhaps
> some vertical market cases.  It is often the most convenient choice.

Convenience is reason enough by itself to choose a particular OS.  The
only people who deliberately choose inconvenient operating systems are
those with an ax to grind.

> Like the list of software you listed.  Most of that can be replaced
> with other SW -- especially if you switch to Mac OS X, though probably
> also to a BSD or Linux solution.

Maybe ... but that won't allow me to read and write the native file
formats of these applications.

I'm trying to find a way to reduce my dependence on expensive and
bloated applications (which includes most Microsoft applications,
unfortunately), but there aren't too many options.


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