Any success in extracting mpeg from a vcd?

matt virus mattvirus at
Sat Feb 12 23:48:51 GMT 2005

use vcdgear -- it's in the ports collection.

Mark Jayson Alvarez wrote:
> Hi,
>    Do you have any success extracting mpeg files from
> a vcd?For sure I can play them with mplayer with vcd
> option but I haven't had any luck extracting them.
> I've been trying to figure out how vcdgear(console) or
> vcdxrip(vcdimager) works but still no luck.
> Any idea how they work??
> I'm using FreeBSD5.3. I have installed them from ports
> My cdrom drive is at /dev/acd0
>  Pleaaaasee... I'm begging you... pleaaaseee... I've
> tried various combinations of options with those
> programs I've mentioned above but I'm just too dumb
> that I can't figure out how I should be doing it. I
> know someday I may be able to comprehend with their
> manual, its just that I don't have enough time. If I
> don't return those vcd's to the shop, I will be paying
> a huge fine:(. 
>      Why does it always have to be this way? I was a
> long time windows user and I know its a tough decision
> to completely eradicate that entire partition
> dedicating it all to freebsd, just to be able to learn
> the "right" way how people should be using a computer.
>     I remember one time, I have been reading the
> manual of ldconfig over and over again because of some
> program that doesn't compile not knowing where my
> libraries are, and I've played with various options
> trying to restore the hint files I've messed with only
> to find out that a complete reboot or just "ldconfig"
> alone will bring it back. 
>    I just can't get it. I've had a hard time trying to
> make my modem dial up to internet, and nearly freaked
> out trying to compile a new kernel with atapicam
> support, or even skipped a meal trying to learn the vi
> editor, and even messed really bad with one of our
> production servers at work trying to create a cvsup
> mirror, 
> and worst, I even got a lot of awful response when I
> try to ask a simple question about running packet
> filter at openbsd's mailing list where a lot of them
> said "hey, this is not linux, there's no Linux-Howto's
> here. RTFM!"
>    I just can't understand it. Why do people have to
> endure such hardships when they have other choices.
> What does those people from ports collection gets from
> maintaining such application that they barely even
> know if someone have ever looked at its package
> description. What do you get from responding to these
> questions. Yeah, you can laugh at me now. I'm pathetic
> that's it. Open Source is free and free software is
> good. I'm not an advocate but just a simple user
> trying to extract these f*ck*ng mpegs out of these
> damn vcds!! Tomorrow I'll be returning those vcd's to
> the shop with one day fine, but I won't sleep tonight
> till I get those mpegs written right on the very
> surface of my hardrive...
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