Freebsd vs. linux

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Sat Feb 12 21:59:52 GMT 2005

quoth the Anthony Atkielski:
> darren kirby writes:
> > I think your interpretation here is a tad glib.
> I think it's right on the money.  The entire Linux movement is fueled by
> hatred for Microsoft.  And the ultimate goal of the Linux movement is to
> build an OS that walks, talks, and quacks like Microsoft Windows, but
> doesn't come from Redmond.

That is just not right. Perhaps for Redhat, SuSe et al this may be the case, 
but what do you expect? MS is their primary (only?) competition. 

There are a million different reasons to run Linux, and a million different 
types of people that run it. I am part of the Linux community, or movement, 
or whatever you want to call it, and I sure as hell do not need people 
presuming to tell me my motives for running it.

> To me, that seems like a waste of time and energy.

To me, massive generalizations about the 'communities' of free *nix users, and 
all the bickering and infighting therein is a waste of time. Case in point: 
this email :)

> The idea in itself of building an alternative desktop operating system
> is fine.  But why does it have to look like Windows?  The more closely a
> system approaches the look and feel of Windows, the less reason there is
> to use that system instead of Windows.

Now you seem to be implying that the only difference between any two operating 
systems is what the GUI looks like. 

> And why use UNIX as a basis for a desktop GUI?  Just because it's there?
> I know Apple was forced to resort to that, but that doesn't make it a
> good idea.

So what's your solution, feed the Redmond beast? No thanks.

> > Do you think these people are writing any software? Are they designing
> > programming interfaces? Do they have a damn thing to do with the
> > development of Linux or any of its supporting software?
> Yes, a lot of them do.

In my experience, the developers are the quiet ones that speak with their 
software. It's the lusers that scream "Linux is teh roxor" everywhere you go. 
I am in full-on agreement that this particular group needs to grow up.

Again, I am not trolling, and I am not a Linux zealot. I run FreeBSD, Linux, 
Solaris and any other free unix I can get my hand on. Why? Because I think 
they're cool. All of them. Including Linux.

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"...the number of UNIX installations has grown to 10, with more expected..."
- Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson, June 1972
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