Instead of, why not...

Anthony Atkielski atkielski.anthony at
Sat Feb 12 21:05:11 GMT 2005

Bart Silverstrim writes:

> I never quite liked these arguments.  The question to ask is, "What can
> I use for graphics editing on platform X?  What can I use for desktop 
> publishing on platform Y?".

Not in this case, because many of these applications must produce files
that I can share with others, and/or they must work with legacy files
that I've collected myself, and/or they must read files provided to me
by others.  So equivalent functionality isn't good enough: it has to be
the same application.

> Not everyone absolutely needs Photoshop to edit their family Xmas
> digicam pictures.

Neither do I.  But I do a lot of other editing.  And the average family
user is better off using a turnkey commodity OS like Windows than trying
to install something like UNIX.


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