Freebsd vs. linux

David Kelly dkelly at
Sat Feb 12 17:11:04 GMT 2005

On Feb 11, 2005, at 10:13 PM, Peterhin wrote:

> "Linux is inferior to FreeBSD, and yet it is taken more seriously
> because of the atmosphere around it, despite its technical inferiority"
> Could you please either explain, why Freebsd is superior to Linux, (I 
> am
> asking this as I would like to understand, in more depth, why it is
> better) or direct me to a source that might give me some further
> reading on the subject.

Look closely at the Linux community and you'll find its mostly 
ex-Windows users focused on what Microsoft is doing. The desire is to 
one-up Microsoft at Microsoft's own game. Their definition of 
"computer" and "human interface" was written by Microsoft and still 
can't think outside of that box.

Look closely at the BSD community and you'll find those who are working 
at creating a better tool to serve their needs. Much debate about 
exactly what constitutes "better" so there is also quite a bit of 
experimenting. What you won't find is Microsoft as the yardstick by 
which BSD's measure.

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