size mismatches while installing/downloading enigmail

Ean Kingston ean at
Sat Feb 12 16:40:51 GMT 2005

On February 12, 2005 07:12 am, albi wrote:
> hi,
> <paranoid mode on>
> can someone explain the errors below ?
> (just did a cvsup for ports & make fetchindex, and only the one
> from seems to be fine)

As part of the checking to make sure that the source you download is valid, 
the ports system keeps a number of metrics about the source files. This 
includes an MD5 checksum and the size of the source file. In the case below, 
the size is sleightly off (by 2 whole bytes).  This is causing the ports 
system to try a different location for the source file.

My guess is that you choose a bad time for your last cvsup and if you run 
cvsup again, everything will work right. On the other hand it could be that 
the Mozilla folks had to re-build their source file for that product and it 
came out 2 bytes smaller this time. Again, a cvsup may fix the error for you. 
The ports maintainers are ususally pretty quick about these things.

> [ root at amandla:/usr/ports/mail/enigmail ] # make install
> ===>  Vulnerability check disabled, database not found
> => enigmail-0.89.5.tar.gz doesn't seem to exist in /usr/ports/distfiles/.
> => Attempting to fetch from
> fetch:
> size mismatch: expected 358830, actual 358828
[cut repeated messages]
> => Attempting to fetch from
> enigmail-0.89.5.tar.gz                        100% of  350 kB   26 kBps
> 00m00s
> </paranoid mode off>
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