Any success in extracting mpeg from a vcd?

Mark Jayson Alvarez jay2xra at
Sat Feb 12 14:46:56 GMT 2005

   Do you have any success extracting mpeg files from
a vcd?For sure I can play them with mplayer with vcd
option but I haven't had any luck extracting them.
I've been trying to figure out how vcdgear(console) or
vcdxrip(vcdimager) works but still no luck.
Any idea how they work??
I'm using FreeBSD5.3. I have installed them from ports
My cdrom drive is at /dev/acd0

 Pleaaaasee... I'm begging you... pleaaaseee... I've
tried various combinations of options with those
programs I've mentioned above but I'm just too dumb
that I can't figure out how I should be doing it. I
know someday I may be able to comprehend with their
manual, its just that I don't have enough time. If I
don't return those vcd's to the shop, I will be paying
a huge fine:(. 
     Why does it always have to be this way? I was a
long time windows user and I know its a tough decision
to completely eradicate that entire partition
dedicating it all to freebsd, just to be able to learn
the "right" way how people should be using a computer.
    I remember one time, I have been reading the
manual of ldconfig over and over again because of some
program that doesn't compile not knowing where my
libraries are, and I've played with various options
trying to restore the hint files I've messed with only
to find out that a complete reboot or just "ldconfig"
alone will bring it back. 
   I just can't get it. I've had a hard time trying to
make my modem dial up to internet, and nearly freaked
out trying to compile a new kernel with atapicam
support, or even skipped a meal trying to learn the vi
editor, and even messed really bad with one of our
production servers at work trying to create a cvsup
and worst, I even got a lot of awful response when I
try to ask a simple question about running packet
filter at openbsd's mailing list where a lot of them
said "hey, this is not linux, there's no Linux-Howto's
here. RTFM!"
   I just can't understand it. Why do people have to
endure such hardships when they have other choices.
What does those people from ports collection gets from
maintaining such application that they barely even
know if someone have ever looked at its package
description. What do you get from responding to these
questions. Yeah, you can laugh at me now. I'm pathetic
that's it. Open Source is free and free software is
good. I'm not an advocate but just a simple user
trying to extract these f*ck*ng mpegs out of these
damn vcds!! Tomorrow I'll be returning those vcd's to
the shop with one day fine, but I won't sleep tonight
till I get those mpegs written right on the very
surface of my hardrive...

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