FusionPHP.net - Online Again Now!!!

Colin J. Raven colin at kenmore.kozy-kabin.nl
Sat Feb 12 06:15:55 PST 2005

On Feb 11 at 03:47, Patattenboerken said:

> FusionPHP.NET Online Again!!!
> http://www.fusionphp.net/

Errr, yes..so we notice. Welcome back to the Matrix

> Please spread the word about our website and our scripts!!!
> Forward this email to 250 people and we'll pay you $5.00 US dollars 
> via paypal.
> Note: The paypal payment still stands, please provide us with proof you
> have forwarded the email to 250 people and include your paypal email 
> address where we can send the money!!!
What you're suggesting is spammy. I don't doubt your good intentions, I 
don't doubt that php-fusion is decent software (I know it is) but 
*think* about what you suggested.

If you're sincerely interested in spreading the word about your software 
there are other ways to do it. Google on "online promotion" or somesuch 
keyword or (set of keywords).

Oh, and please wrap your text at 72 characters or so.

All of that said, much success and good luck with php-fusion and its 
various "Infusions".

Colin J. Raven
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