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Michael C. Shultz reso3w83 at
Sat Feb 12 11:22:52 GMT 2005

On Saturday 12 February 2005 02:30 am, Anthony Atkielski wrote:
> Michael C. Shultz writes:
> > I Agree!  My FreeBSD desktop is very stable and user friendly. What
> > ever time I spend fixing/managing desktops is on my friends windows
> > machines, never my own because it always just works.
> Maybe you can explain to me how to get the following applications to
> run on a FreeBSD desktop:
> Adobe Photoshop
> Adobe Illustrator
> Quark XPress
> The Sims 2
> Flight Simulator
> UltraEdit
> Visual InterDev
> Microsoft Word
> Microsoft Excel
> Microsoft PowerPoint
> Microsoft Money
> The Bat!
In ports	> Opera*
In ports	> Firefox
> Microsoft Internet Explorer
> Corel KnockOut
> Flight Check
> Bar Code Pro
> MathType
> SecureFX
> SecureCRT
> Rebel
> Fritz 6.0
> POV-Ray
> Adobe PageMaker
> Adobe Streamline
> Adobe Acrobat (full version)
> Paint Shop Pro
> Palm Desktop
> SimCity
> GeoClock
> Ear Test
> BlitzIn
> Audio MP3 Editor
pan is better, in ports > Forte Agent
> Movie Maker
> Nikon Scan
> Rainbow
> Wacom Intuos
> However, I should point out that I also have applications that will
> not run on Windows:
> sendmail
> syslog
> sshd
> ProFTP

What about the other 12000 ports?  How do they do in windows?

Likely there is a *FREE* port for most of what you listed above.
And if you wish to donate half of what you paid for each of those
listed programs there would likely be a port author willing to 
customize/improve their  port version just for you.....  

> The list is not long for FreeBSD, but every one of these applications
> is a critical application, and most must run without fail 24 hours a
> day, seven days a week.  Any one of them is enough to justify running
> a dedicated FreeBSD server.

At best windows can run two or three major applications at once
before it pukes.  

On my lowly 256meg 1Gz machine I have 18 desktops, in those 18 desktops 
I normally have 3 to 4 major apps running,  in two desk tops I have 2 
terms with 4 tabs each running programs, and a handful of documents 
opened in the other desk tops.

 With all that going on in the foreground, in the background all of my 
apps are being automatically and continuously updated.  When I want a 
break from work I open a move with mplayer and watch it with out 
worrying about shutting anything else down, and if I need a music fix, 
xmms solves it.

  Sometimes I'll go two weeks before rebooting. and when I do reboot it 
isn't because I have to, it is just an old hard to break habit picked 
up from my windows days.  It was like going through withdrawl, not 
being able to defrag my drives, took a few years before I finally 
believed not all file systems frag themselves to death.
> For this reason, I have several machines: a FreeBSD server, a Windows
> XP desktop, and a Windows NT server used as a desktop (to support
> some legacy applications).

Windows is crap, I feel sorry for you that you have to use it.


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