formatting a DVD+RW

Xian ian at
Sat Feb 12 02:23:57 PST 2005

On Friday 11 February 2005 04:31, Chuck Swiger wrote:
> Xian wrote:
> > I am trying to format a DVD+RW as I gather this kind of DVD needs. I
> > tried growisofs and it told me:
> >
> >  * DVD±RW/-RAM format utility by <appro at>, version 4.10.
> >
> >  :-( unable to open("/dev/acd0"): Inappropriate ioctl for device
> Did you rebuild your kernel with the ATAPICAM option enabled?

I didn't have. I just added 'device atapicam' and it is still giving me the 
same errors.

Looked on the man page, and found:

device ata
device atapicam
device scbus
device cd
device pass

I guess I need them as well? (Re-compiles _again_). Will I have to use the 
burner through cd0 or acd0 now?
It also recommended against having a SCSI and an ATA representation of each 
drive. Would it be safe to remove device acd from the kernel and only use cd 

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