Concealing short disconnects

Andrew P. infofarmer at
Sat Feb 12 03:58:32 GMT 2005

Hello guys!

I have a few machines behind my FreeBSD box. The box connects
to ISP via ppp (PPPoE protocol). It's all working very nicely,
but the ISP is a pain - it disconnects every 24 hours. I can
reconnect in just a moment - so the diconnect is usually less
than a second long, but many applications, like ICQ/MSN and
games "feel" the disconnect. The matter is that these applications
can handle fairly large packet loss (e.g. Counter-Strike can cope
with at least 15-second long 100% packet loss), but AFAIK it's
in the nature of the TCP/UDP that a disconnect is a disconnect.

As I know that FreeBSD is full of magic, is there any way to
conceal these reconnects as short moments of 100% packet loss?
I am ashamed to know very little about protocols' technicalities,
but I'll look into any sources you advise.

Best wishes,
Andrew P.

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