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Fri Feb 11 19:22:00 PST 2005

On Feb 11, 2005, at 8:17 PM, Robert Marella wrote:

> On Fri, 2005-02-11 at 18:11 -0700, Chad Leigh -- Shire.Net LLC wrote:
>> On Feb 11, 2005, at 5:34 PM, Robert Marella wrote:
>>> On Fri, 2005-02-11 at 18:25 -0500, Jerry McAllister wrote:
>>>>> athony atkielski =~ /tm452\d/ ?
>>>> I was beginning to suspect some such.
>>>> Maybe worse.
>>>> ////jerry
>>> Jerry and Eric
>>> If I can remember correctly, I have received help from both of you on
>>> some of my previous posts. I thank you and I always enjoy reading  
>>> your
>>> view points.
>>> This post is no exception but I happen to find Anthony's views on  
>>> this
>>> subject both provocative and right on the money.
>> Jerry and Eric were not talking about Anthony and his views on the  
>> logo
>> issue when they wrote that.  They were talking about his trolling  
>> posts
>> about the codebase and its legality and demanding an answer in this
>> forum instead of going to the people who could best answer him.
>> I agree that Anthony is spot on with regards the logo.
>> Chad
> Jerry and Eric did not include any of Anthony's post with the above
> comment. They tagged him as a troll or worse they put him in with
> TM-whatever.

no, but they came after it (the codebase blabber) started, and not  
before, and long after Anthony had stopped posting about anything else.  
  The context was clear (and has been confirmed by Eric at least).

> As far as the codebase question, he was not the one to bring it up. If  
> I
> can read between his lines, I understand that when you go in front of
> the suits you can't tell them RTFM. You have to explain why FreeBSD is
> head and shoulders above the leader of the pack.

No one told him to tell his suits to RTFM.  We told him to RTFM because  
he was asking a question that was not applicable to the forum, and  
expecting others to do his grunt work of researching it.


look at the List Summary for freebsd-questions.  It is not a forum for  
legal questions, but for technical support and user questions (ie,  
questions that users may have on using FreeBSD)

> The Suits hold the purse strings. They read the newspaper. They see the
> advertisements. They hear the hype. They say, "We were thinking of an  
> MS
> solution. Why would we use FreeBSD? What is wrong with Linux as an
> alternative".
> Anthony's legal questions were a normal continuation of the flow of  
> this
> thread.

The question is not bad.  It is the insistence that this forum,  
freebsd-questions mail list, is the place to get it and if he doesn't  
get an answer then the project is doomed.  We were not condemning the  
question itself -- just the place and manner in which it was placed and  
the asinine conclusions drawn, ie, the project was doomed if this mail  
list could not come up with an answer -- an answer that he could search  
out as well as anyone else here.

> I stand by my statement. I happen to find Anthony's views on this
> subject both provocative and right on the money.

you can stand anywhere you want, thanks.  Doesn't make it right.


> Robert
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