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Robert Marella hoe-waa at
Fri Feb 11 19:20:16 PST 2005

On Fri, 2005-02-11 at 19:18 -0600, Eric Kjeldergaard wrote:
> > If I can remember correctly, I have received help from both of you on
> > some of my previous posts. I thank you and I always enjoy reading your
> > view points.
> (speaking on behalf of Jerry as well as myself, and making some wild
> assumptions about Jerry based on his previous posts) Always glad to
> help.  That's kind of what we are here for.
> > We have all run into a problem with a printer, NIC, scanner that is "not
> > supported" by FreeBSD because the vendor will not release the drivers or
> > code needed to build a driver.
> Actually, I haven't.  I know some people that have, but generally
> between using the hardware list and buying hardware that isn't
> obscure, I have no problems with support  for hardware.  The FreeBSD
> team goes way beyond my expectations again and again.

Agreed, but have you never inherited control over a system with hardware
you did not purchase?

> > The vendor could care less if our mascot is a daemon or Mount Fujiyama.
> > The vendor looks at the bottom line. How much engineer/programmer time
> > will it take and can I recover the investment. The vendor looks at the
> > number of installed systems and the competition for his product and
> > makes a _business_ decision.
> Seems about right.  That is how capitalism functions..
> > Anthony's point, and I agree, is that everything will grow when our OS
> > is taken for its strengths. It is difficult to get to the point of our
> > strengths when the Suits see a representation of what they perceive as;
> > childish or anti-christ or cartoonish whether justified or not. First
> > impressions are important.
> Might be true, though fBSD has come as far as it has without the aid
> of these Suits in question.  It's certainly not about to stop growth
> without them.  

Growth is a natural thing. If we have 2% of the market and we grow 5%
but the market grows 20%, we loose share. Vendors look at the market. We
need to capture a larger share to make them sit up and take notice.

> But I don't disagree that having more support from
> people that matter would be nice.
> > P.S. I like beastie... but I like the OS much better!
> Same here.  Though beastie is pretty seksii.

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