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Fri Feb 11 17:55:15 PST 2005

> On Fri, 2005-02-11 at 18:25 -0500, Jerry McAllister wrote:
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> > I was beginning to suspect some such.
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> Jerry and Eric
> If I can remember correctly, I have received help from both of you on
> some of my previous posts. I thank you and I always enjoy reading your
> view points. 
> This post is no exception but I happen to find Anthony's views on this
> subject both provocative and right on the money.
> We have all run into a problem with a printer, NIC, scanner that is "not
> supported" by FreeBSD because the vendor will not release the drivers or
> code needed to build a driver.
> The vendor could care less if our mascot is a daemon or Mount Fujiyama.
> The vendor looks at the bottom line. How much engineer/programmer time
> will it take and can I recover the investment. The vendor looks at the
> number of installed systems and the competition for his product and
> makes a _business_ decision.
> Anthony's point, and I agree, is that everything will grow when our OS
> is taken for its strengths. It is difficult to get to the point of our
> strengths when the Suits see a representation of what they perceive as;
> childish or anti-christ or cartoonish whether justified or not. First
> impressions are important.

Well, I hope I am helpful, at least some of the time.   It seems
to run about 50-50 that I am near the topic and am way out of touch.

But, on this, the comment is not because of the specific opinion, but 
rather the tenor of the posts which seem to have begun drifting in the 
direction of having the look and feel of some from a recent very thoroughly
unpopular but active troll.    

The objectionable sign is the tendancy to not just post an opinion and
let others have theirs, but to repeatedly pound on the same thread, often
drifting far from the thread, with successive posts escalating the
virulence of the rhetoric until there is no semblence of exchange left,
just a bunch of who can shout the loudest.   

In a posting storm from only a few days ago, it was noted that this
goes beyond even the typical troll, and may need some other creature 
to characterize the identity - maybe a cockatrice or something.

Anyway, in the way of the old folk story, it looks like, feels like,
smells like, tastes like - sure glad I didn't step in it.

As for the beastie mascot, it's cute.  It is not likely to go away, just
because someone designs some letterhead logo.  I wear my beastie T-shirt to 
church for band practice or kids club now and then with no comment from 
anyone.  The kids wear much more offensive stuff frequently.   

But, if FreeBSD needs a logo now, maybe for letterhead, etc, who cares.  
Make a nice logo that includes a bit of the trident peeking above the name 
and a bit of pointy tail curling up under it - just as a teaser and reminder.
Please do a nice job, though.  Some of the logos out there in marketing
land really are junk - either butt ugly or totally unrecognizable as anything.

I doubt that making an official logo to go along with the variations of 
the mascot will interfere with my putting Beastie FreeBSD stickers on our 
machines or hanging a printout of Beastie on the office door, or replacing 
my T-shirt when it wears out.  


> Robert
> P.S. I like beastie... but I like the OS much better!
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