/tmp on same partition as /

Tom Trelvik ttt at cwru.edu
Fri Feb 11 20:35:41 GMT 2005

Chad Morland wrote:
> In your opinion is having /tmp on the same partition as / really THAT
> bad in this case? I'm just wondering cause some people have mentioned
> that its a major security risk. Really, I don't think it is for what
> this box is doing.

	It's obviously a much bigger security risk on a multiuser machine, but 
even without that being the case, I'm assuming the machine will be 
providing some sort of network service?  Then it can still be a risk 
worth taking into account.

	One or more network services may be making use of /tmp, and if so an 
unauthenticated external user could plausibly find ways to make those 
services max out their usage of /tmp, possibly filling your root 
partition in the process.

	Even without worrying at all about malicious intent, /tmp on / makes it 
very easily to *accidentally* fill your root partition, but'll still be 
a pain for you to have to deal with it if that happens.

	More seriously, a vulnerability could be found in one of those services 
that could depend on files in /tmp being executable (which should never 
be true).  With a separate /tmp partition, you can easily have it 
mounted with the noexec option for an added layer of security, so that 
even if they create a malicious executable in /tmp, they won't be able 
to execute it without moving it to another file system, which would 
probably require they already have shell access, defeating the purpose.


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